Sunday, July 04, 2010


It's the 4th of July.  What is traditionally celebrated as the birthday of the USA, so Happy Birthday America you are 234 years old today.  It is a day of picnics and fireworks and time spent together with family and friends.  At least that's what I remember from my childhood.  Time spent at one of my grandparents lake cottages.  Time spent with loved ones.  Wonderful memories!  Oh that I could turn back the clock and go back to those carefree summer days. 

I know there are still families that value time to gather together to celebrate special holiday's.  They make the time to be together, but they are no longer the norm as when I was a child.  Maybe even then in the 50's and 60's my family was the unusual one.  Maybe most families did not gather together like ours did, but as a child we only judge the world by what is taking place around us.  Children tend not to see things outside their personal world. What we see an experience then is what our memories are made of. Whatever the reality of the mid 20th century was I miss the time of family togetherness and unity.  I always have since I moved so far from family some 35 years ago, but today I miss it more than usual.  If I could turn the clock back I would do my best to not take those times with family for granted.  I would not let the closeness we felt fade away with the passage of time and distance.

Maybe next year will be different, though I doubt it.  Times have changed.  We now live in a society where families are literally spread throughout the world and time spent together in family gatherings is limited to weddings and funerals.  We live in a time when families are separated for a wide variety of reasons. Due to monetary, time, and relationship constraints they just can't gather together except for significant events. But these differences in family structures don't change the fact that it is the Birthday of America.  It is a time to celebrate.  I have my popcorn, wine and chocolate and will watch the DC Mall fireworks on TV.  It's the 21st century and it's a new world.  A sign that I am getting old is that I truly do miss the old world I grew up knowing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  It's time to celebrate Public TV will bring it all to me.

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