Wednesday, July 28, 2010


$%(^*#*@*$*^&(&)_&**  What I feel about computers, servers, networks and Internet connections today is not fit for print.  If anyone want to figure out how to bring down the country forget roadside or suicide bombers just screw around with our computers and the Internet.  You will bring us to our knees in a matter of minutes.
I need to do payroll  which has to go over the Internet by tomorrow morning and there is no Internet connection at work.   Like I said  #)$*^&^*@Q()_$%*%.  I think employees might understand the problems, though they won't be happy with no check, but dear old Uncle Sam cuts no slack.....payroll and payroll taxes late.....penalties charged!  As for servers, networks and computers who decided to make our lives so dependent on them while making them so complicated to understand that with out a PhD in computereeze no one has a clue how to keep them working properly! Yet we can't live without them.  If you are thinking this gal has lost it you would be correct!  Bring back the abacus!!!!!

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