Friday, December 11, 2009


Sorry there tonight are no words for what I am feeling! Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day and I will be back under control and feeling the presence of God by my side...but for tonight....I am totally and utterly alone!

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thinker said...

Suzanne, I can only imagine the depth of pain and lonliness you are feeling tonight...

Two things come to mind:
1. It's hard to always feel you have to be strong... it's absolutely OK to feel otherwise. But know in your heart that (1) your God has not abandoned you (2) He walks this path right alongside you for He has promised that and He is Faithful.

2. I was struggling yesterday with feeling overwhelmed and wanting to just "give up" when a dear friend reminded me that "the real secret to our ability to overcome rather than in giving Him the glory...just start glorifying Him...and He will come to you...."

Praying for you, dear friend...