Saturday, November 29, 2008


Okay, I admit has managed to side track me from my journaling about our Canadian cruise. I will get back to it, but for this post I would like to remain sidetracked and look at fall outside my window and also Thanksgiving.

You might remember back in the spring I took some pictures of the pretty pink cherry blossoms on the tree outside our bedroom window. Preceding this picture was an entry from February which had a picture of the bare tree in all its winter dreariness.

A few weeks ago I took a picture out the same window of the same tree in all its fall glory. The leaves this year were brilliant in there red, orange, and gold colors. Unfortunately their beauty is not any longer lasting than the pink petals of spring, but they are so beautiful for the week or two they are around.

Now the leaves have fallen, been raked and bagged and the tree is back to its dreary winter bareness. BUT the good news is that come April once again the tree will be covered in pink blossoms and the cycle will repeat yet again for another year.

Along with beautiful fall colors comes Thanksgiving. This year Jerry and I went down to North Carolina the week before Thanksgiving to help my mom move into a new home. We then had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at my sisters new home. I do have to say that it is a beautiful home. They did well in choosing it.

When going to others homes for Thanksgiving you learn new ways of doing things. For me this was the case. Here is what I learned..............Turkeys can be cooked successfully in bags! Now, I knew that they made cooking bags for turkeys. I've seen them around, but I never concidered tring to use one. How the heck could the turkey skin get crispy in a bag???? Well it did and it stayed nice a juicy too. So I guess old cooks like old dogs can learn new tricks. Next year I will try and remember to use a bag to cook my turkey.

I did have a part in preparing the Thanksgiving meal. I got to do my favorite part. I got to bake the pumpkin pies. Not that that is a hard or tricky thing to do....especially when one relies on Pillsbury to make the pie crust and all yu have to do is unroll it and place it into the pie plates.....but they were tasty in any case. And I thought they were pretty also.

Finally my last picture for this post is of all the gals. I thought we made a pretty grouping. There's my sister, her daughter, my mom, my sister-in-law with my daughter behind her and then yours truly. Finally I'm not the tallest woman in the picture....Thank you Steph!

I hope you all had as wonderful and blessed of a Thanksgiving as I. Now on to Christmas............

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