Saturday, May 21, 2011


Each days Upper Room devotional reading has a Thought For The Day at the end of it.  I think today's thought is very pointed to me.  It is:
Make a list of the signs of hope around you.
Actually this is probably one of the most important things was all could do each day.  Today I will make this list because even before I read it I was for the first time in a long time aware of the beauty of the day today and the hope I have for a future.  Funny that I should have been feeling that way on the day that some are saying will be the beginning of the end of the world.  

So here is my list of signs of hope as of this morning:
  1. The birds are singing a beautiful song outside my family room window.
  2. There is a wonderfully cool and fresh breeze coming in my family room window.
  3. After a dreary gray week of rain the sky is a beautiful blue.
  4. My lawn has just be cut an even with the profusion of clover and weeds is a gorgeous fresh green.
  5. I actually have a day off from work that has no plans for it at all.
  6. My mom is home and well.
  7. In my sorting and cleaning I found a friendship ring given by my grandfather to my grandmother and am now wearing it. It's made of copper I think and though there are those that say that copper does not help joint pain this ring is helping the joints on the hand I am wearing it.
  8. I actually am looking forward to a day devoted to housework.
  9. Next weekend is the wedding of my nephew and I look forward to celebrating love.
  10. I have a good Shepherd who is walking with me through this life and all it brings my way and he will see me through the "valley of the shadow".  I am currently re-reading A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 and this was the focus of  today's chapter.
So I will go on into today with these thoughts and I will look for other signs of hope in my day. Why not look for them in yours as well.  

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