Monday, May 16, 2011


Tonight I continue to go through boxes of memorabilia these boxes go back into the mid and late 60's:
  • My Senior pictures in 1968 cost $31.00
  • Senior class fees amounted to $15.75
  • Round trip air fare to London in 1967 cost $353 on BOAC (anyone remeber that airline???
  • A passport in 1967 cost $2.50
  • I was not a stellar jr high student....except in Chorus
  • Lowest report card grades through out HS were math and science yet on college entrance exams highset scores were math and science????
  • Matches from 1969 restaurant visits still light
  • A custom made prom dress cost $50 in 1968 
  • A 1966 pay stub found from job at local pubic library.  $11.40 for two weeks work.
Next up going through memory box from college years........

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