Wednesday, September 09, 2009


BLOGing is definitely an interesting pastime. I have learned that people do it for many different reasons and in many different styles. In fact I do it for different reasons on my two different BLOGs. This one is more of a personal journal. At times thoughtful, at times silly at times totally random. A few people stop by and share my thoughts, but for the most part it is mine and mine alone. A place I can come to and write down my thoughts. A place where I can come back to and easily find my past thoughts. That is what I have done tonight. I wanted to see what I had written concerning my current bout with RA. WOW!!!! I don't remember having written so much about it.

This wasn't a random occurrence. Tomorrow morning I begin a new phase of treatment: Remicade. There's not a lot of time tonight to go into it right now. I need to get to bed soon so I am rested in the morning and better able to cope with being hooked up to an IV bag and infusion pump for at least 2 hours and maybe more. I say cope because I don't know exactly what to expect, but I do know I don't do needles very well unless they are ones I'm using to sew with! This one will be stuck somewhere in my arm.

I need to have something that I can do tomorrow. Something to keep me occupied. I'll probably take a book, but I may also try to take my computer. Not sure if I'll be able to use it, but it sure would help me quickly pass the time.

I should at least take the time to say that though I can now move pretty much pain free in all areas accept my right hand there evidently is still a great deal of inflammation that the Dr wants to knock down and keep down. Thus the need as she sees it to call in the big guns. I loose a day of my life to the Methatrexate. I will loose at least a day once every 8 weeks to the Remicade assuming there are no side affects for me with it. At this point I choose to assume that! We'll see after tomorrow!

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