Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's been a while since I have posted here. Life has been rather crazy. We've been to MI and I have spent a week with 100 little kids in Vacation Bible School. But life does eventually calm down to where one can take time to stop and smell the roses. In my case I don't have any roses but I can stop to look at my Black Eyed Susans. I say look rather than smell as I don't think that they have any scent.

I am not a gardener in any sense of the word. I have a purple thumb in fact. Normally anything green and growing I can kill in a few months if not weeks. My father and my grandfather where marvelous gardeners, but that family gene missed me. I am no good ant gardening and I do not enjoy it. However a few years ago I purchased some Black Eyed Susan plants from Costco. I got them one because they are the star flower of Maryland; two I sort of share their name; and three I think they are pretty. They have managed to stay alive over the past few years, though they are somewhat scrawny looking. Despite that I thougt I would take a picture or two of them to share. I really do think they are pretty.

Also I have a picture of a friend of mine. He (or she) is a regular guest in our yard. Every once in a while he/she has a buddy and they are so fun to watch as they frolic in our yard chasing each other back and forth. But his morning when I looked out our back patio door he/she was just sitting so very peacefully not too far from the door. I could not resist getting my camera to grab a picture. Such big beautiful eyes and he/she seemed to be totally relaxed.

We also had our resident squirrel begging for peanuts at the back door. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that. He/she was so cute sitting on his hind legs and peering in the glass door. I really do think he was begging. But alsa by the time I got the camera and turned it on he had given up and moved on. Obviously this squirrel does not know our family. We do not feed wild life. Nor pets for that matter. Mr. Snuggles, Nick and Pattie could all attest to that. We loved them dearly, but begging got them no where with us..........

Well so much for a day of flowers and friend. You know it really is amazing what you can find in your own yard if you just take the time to look.

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww......I tell ya just seeing some of God's creations can sure set an amazing tone for the day!!! And your photos sure capture the beauty!!