Saturday, June 29, 2013


For several years now I have felt that I have been on a roller coaster emotionally.  I thought and hoped that given time and the finalization of  the change from being a married woman to being a single divorced woman the roller coaster ride would calm down. Obviously that has not happened yet. I still don't know what my emotional state will be on any given day.

Thankfully I have days that are wonderful and I see the possibilities of my new status in life.  I live in the moment and cherish each moment. I get excited on those days and enjoy dreaming of my future. Then the next day I wake up and all the day is made up of challenges that I just can't seem to surmount. I feel alone in the world and there seems no resolution to anything.

Where am I today...I'm okay....For the most part I can say life is good. I have some things to look forward to coming up.  I'm trying not to dwell on the future, but live in the present one day at a time. I am grateful I am basically healthy. I am grateful I have made some very good friends here in FL. I am grateful that for the next few months I have a nice place to call home.

There are things I wish I could change about my life and maybe one day they will change.  Some day the challenges I'm facing will end, but I guess I have to be honest; they probably will be replaced by new ones. So I guess I will forget about the roller coaster ride ever ending and will make the most of it. Maybe even I can find some excitement in the ride.

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