Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Approach Life

This was my short devotional reflection from the Upper Room this morning.  It is so true! No matter what challenges on is facing in life this is the key to making it through them. God is so good and he sends each one of of so very many blessings each day. We must learn how to open our eyes and see them.  They are there! 

ALL GOOD TIMES are not in the past.
We are surrounded by everyday epiphanies. To get in the habit of encountering them, look each day for two things:
  • Something that surprises you
  • Something that inspires you
Many of us blunder through our lives as though we were asleep. Just being deliberately focused on seeing makes you more alert, more excited, more optimistic. You look, listen, and expect a life-giving surprise. … You may see things you have never noticed before.
- Judy Gattis Smith
Fear Not: Learning from Your Cancer

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