Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Life could be so much better without technology!!!!  Don't you think so?  Ah yes it has been a bad week with computers, i-Pods, and various software nightmares........oh then there is digital TV, cameras....and cell phones!  I dread ever needing a new cell phone or TV....Well maybe life wouldn't be better, but it would certainly be less stressful and less complicated!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Suzanne,

Technology is not the problem. It is the reliance on it where problems originate!

For each age, technology is developed to support the needs of the people. Some needs are basic such as food, shelter and water. The tech for these needs are enduring and often blends into the background only to be taken for granted.

Once basic needs are met, we extend technologies to satisfy our superfulous desires. These technologies exist for their own sake and that of those who promote and nurture the perception of "need".

We have discarded technologies that when contemporary, were deemed indispensable, at least until displaced by the latest and greatest marketable commodity.

What needs to happen is for us to recognise what needs are being served by technology, and if we are loosing touch with the traditional methods that served these needs in the past, along with the risks we incure in our reliance on the same.

As I review my life style with technology in context with what I recall my grandparens had, and the quality, character and appreciation of life of each, I wonder if technology offers an upgrade.