Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well though I am not totally sure what my normal is anymore whatever it is life seems to be getting back to it. I'm even getting visitors again.........

This little guy has been visiting my backdoor for quite some time now. My neighbor feeds the squirrels peanuts and I think that he, the squirrel, gets my back door confused with Barb and Jerry's. Before the snow he would regularly come up onto the back steps and beg at the back door. Silly guy, but definitely a persistent one.

After the snow began to fall he didn't come around. Not that I blamed him for this....it was rather nasty out. But his morning he was back and now he has a nice little snow drift turned block of ice to set on while he begs. It brings him up a bit higher so it's easier for him to be seen. It keep trying to tell him he has the wrong house, but he is determined to make friends with me in hopes of gaining some food. I do wonder with all the snow on the ground what he is eating....I hope that he was smart enough to lay aside a good store of nuts last fall.......

I'm kind of glad he is persistent though. It's nice to have someone to talk to in the morning. It would be even nicer to have someone who would talk back so there would be some two way conversation, but I guess I will have to be happy and grateful for the company I have.

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