Monday, November 30, 2009


It was very interesting today as I was driving home from a wonderful weekend visit with son, Jeremy. I do not like I-95, lots of crazies on that highway and too many trucks, so I prefer to go the PA Turnpike. It is a wonderfully relaxing drive and through some beautiful country side. Coming back today I was noticing something I have never seen before on that drive. All along the route, especially from Harrisburg to the exit before King of Prussia which is where I got off, I noticed cars and pick up trucks parked off on the side of the turnpike. They were all over the place. I could not figure out why there were so many abandoned vehicles along the turnpike. Then as I approached another small group of cars I got my answer.......hunters! It must be hunting season along that stretch of turnpike and the land along there is undeveloped. I was seeing cars of people out in the woods along there hunting, I assume deer. I nave never seen this before. Not sure if it's because I've never driven along there during hunting season before or if because of the state of the economy more people are hunting to put food on the table........

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