Sunday, October 05, 2008


It has been a month since I have posted here. Time continues to fly by. I am thinking that I have been way to busy with too much stuff in my life, but I haven't been bored, that's for sure.

So what have I been doing since the first part of September???? Well lets see.....mainly I guess it's been getting things rolling for the fall activities at church. There's been a picnic, a cleanup day and the Tuesday night dinners have started up again. For all those things I did the food. I've also cooked for the Golden Girls luncheon and have ended up being in charge of the fellowship coffee time between and after our Sunday morning church services. I think I've become the chief cook and bottle washer at the church. For the most part that's okay because I like to cook. Also the Monday morning study group which I teach has started back up and we continue in our Wednesday morning quest to create the needed gift items to be sold at our annual Secret Shop for the children of the church and community. Of course in the midst of all that are the normal activities of payroll, bill paying and newsletter article writing as well as staff, finance and church council wonder I'm tired....and those are only the church work related activities. There's also been a yard sale, I attended and helped out for a day at a quilt show, a good friend got married, and I attended a stamping show.

I do have a picture of some of the prep work for a Woman's Tea our church woman's group hosted yesterday. Yes more baking.....yummy scones.
I made three kinds; plain, currant and raspberry cream. They were all yummy and I wasn't the only one who thought so which was nice. Of course they were served with clotted cream and strawberry preserves. I did make enough so we have some to munch on here at home for breakfast this week.

This week is one filled with much anticipation of the beginning og a much awaited trip which starts early Thursday morning. We will be heading out with some good friends from church for a lovely 9 night cruise to Canada and back. I have been doing some packing planning to get ready for it. I love to cruise and this will be my 5th one, but it will be very different from the other 4 as it will be a cool weather cruise. This presents a few different packing challenges. No shorts or tee shirts but rather cordury pants and turtleneck sweaters. Temps can range from 70 to 35. The word to remeber I keep telling myself it LAYER!

I tried to get everything into one suitcase, but I don't think it's going to work. Between being 9 nights and bulkier clothes I think I will need one big one and a smaller one. Maybe only a hlaf of the smaller one we'll see. Also there need to be day time casual clothing and evening more dressy including two really dressy things for the TWO formal nights. I'm not taking a formal, but do have sparkly dressy items.

Here is what the guest room bed looked like Friday before I began moving items into the actual suitcase.....Yes I am over eager and I alsready have the main suitcase packed.....but that's also becasue my busy schedule doesn't slwo down till we get in the Suburban and head north to New Jersey Thursday morning. I still have to work this week and have activities and meetings every night. Yeah some people never learn. Jerry was smart and started his vacation last Friday!!!!!!!!

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