Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After 6 years it was time to get a new camera. The trusty ole' Pentax 3MP 3x optical zoom camera just wasn't cutting it anymore and it was getting rather flaky only working when it wanted to not when I necessarily wanted it to.

I had certain requirements that I wanted to find in a camera and debated lomg and hard as to whether I wanted to go all out and get a DSLR. Finally I came to my senses and decided that when I had a film SLR I raely changed lenses. Too lazy to do so I guess and it always seemed I had the wrong lens on for what I needed when I did change them so I missed some good shots. So I decided see if I could find a non DSLR that could do most of I wanted. And I did! The Fugi Finepix s1000fd. I have had it two days and already I love it.

So what were some of my requirements....1) it had to use AA batteries (uses 4 of them) 2) a long optical zoom (has 12x) 3) capable of macro photography (this camera not only has macro but super macro down to .8 inch) 4) preferably used SD memory cards 5) At least 8MP (has 10MP) and 6) settings for high ISO so can do low light shots (can go up to ISO3200 if reduce MP setting)

What I didn't care about was tiny....it fact I didn't want tiny...too easy to misplace. For the powerhouse if a camera that this one is it is amazingly small and light weight. Here is a picture I took of one of the blooms on our azalea bush in the back yard. It is using the macro mode. And I am very happy with how it works. I still have a lot to learn about it though. More as I learn in future posts. Oh the other nice thing about it was the price. I set a limit of $300 and this was on sale from local camera shop for $230. So I think I did good!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I think you did done good too!!! I just got my new camera after James did some comparing and now have to learn about settings so I can finally take GOOD pictures!!!! That's a beautiful azalea!!