Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I knew very early in the life of this year that it was going to be one of those years that would not be good to life and whether that became a self fulfilling prophesy or just was a correct premonition I don't know, but it has turned out to be true.

To date I have mailed out seven sympathy cards and I know that there have been a feew I should have sent, but for what ever reason did not. Now after yesterdays e-mails and phone calls I have 3 more to send! maybe it is my age and this is a new phase of life I'm entering into. Many of the cards have been in response to deaths of friends parents. But a few have been to people my age offering them my sympathy on the death of a spouse (who was also my age!). If it is the phase of life I am in now I DON'T particularly like it and I'm afraid things won't get much better with time.

I have a friend who firmly believes this is all a result of Satin trying to cause us to fall into a state of depression and belief that God has abandoned us, thus causing us to give up on God, his love for us and our faith in him. I'm not sure that I buy into this line of thought, but it is at times tempting to blame God for all this pain and suffering I see around me.

However, rather, than blaming God I guess I see this as just a fact of life. Part of living is knowing that some time we will die. This is one of the few certain guarantees life offers us. Be it from old age, disease or accident death is a guaranteed part of life. No one can avoid or evade it. We all hope and wish dealing with death; be it of a parent, a spouse, a child or even ourselves, will be part of our live later rather than sooner but sometimes that just is not our reality.

So I will continue to make and mail sympathy cards. And I will do my best to remember all those dealing with the emotions and tears brought on by a death in their family in my prayers. God is responsible for all creation and so yes this does mean he is responsible for all death, but not in a mean uncaring way. He is all loving and I believe he cries with each and every one of us as we mourn the lose of a loved one.

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