Saturday, December 30, 2006

Time smooths out emotions!

Okay, time has passed and now the emotions of Thursday have tempered somewhat. I no longer think life sucks though I'm still not sure that I think it is pretty!

Stephanie has made it home to CO. Snow is pile high there and she has no car, but she is home. Still no word on possible job offer, but I guess that is her concern and not really mine. Though as a parent we do like it when things go smoothly for our children and they are happy and content. (Is there such a thing?) Jerry's mom still hangs in there some where between life and death, but that also is her concern and not so much mine I guess. But how does one disassociate ones own life from those who they love? Though my life is not directly changed by either Stephanie's job limbo or mom Brown's impending death there is still and unsettling impact. Is feeling that being self absorbed or is it a natural thing? I don't know. Neither of those events are really about me, but I feel drawn in and unsettled by them both. I am so confused!!!!

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